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Beatport is the top Electronic Dance Music site in the world, but they had a long-tail problem -- users were only exploring the biggest names in their catalog, and that top-names focus was contracting every day.  There were some great artists on Beatport who were never being found.

So activate.digital designed the massively multiplayer game Beatport Mogul.  Players become CEOs of their own virtual "label," earning site credits and other prizes by discovering artists, promoting them, and watching their fame grow.

It's not a simulation, they're promoting real artists, and because they get more points for finding unknowns it encourages players to search the back catalog for exciting new talent.  If listeners agree they can win big.

Ultimately, final production of Beatport Mogul was stopped because of a corporate buyout, but we still keep it at the end of our portfolio because we love this game, and Beatport loved it to.