Pharmaceutical.  Event Mobile.  Audience Response.  Gaming.

Galderma's National Sales Conference had one goal: get their sales team focused, goal oriented, and moving.

Our team matched their challenge with a bold, innovative, fully-custom mobile app that was attendees' constant companion and coach throughout the event, customized to one of four teams.

They began their day with an alarm clock that delivered a motivational message from their team leader.  Scavenger hunts throughout the venue earned them points and live multiplayer action games pitted the teams against each other on the big screen before the opening session.

As speakers presented, custom audience response let them ask questions and see response graphs build in real time.

The engagement was literally off the charts:  On the first day we had to reset the entire points system from hundreds to thousands because the teams worked so hard to win.

Produced for VIVA Creative, Rockville, MD